Mirai Flights tech updates

Mirai Flights tech updates

Flying is the easiest way to get anywhere. At Mirai Flights, we want to make your private jet experience even easier. We started with developing an artificial intelligence-based pricing management function, which shows our users the best available prices in an transparent and accurate manner. And now our team of UX designers who conduct thorough research with our clients, incorporating their feedback to make Mirai Flights an intuitive and seamless service.

Below you may find our recent technical updates that are based on our UX analytics and contribute to our solution’s success.

  • Brand new home page

Do you recall that exciting feeling when the chassis of the plane is out and you land so smoothly in a dream destination? That’s exactly the feeling we want you to have when you land on our page. It now allows to book a jet in one click and stay in touch with Mirai’s updates, events and blog.

  • Hot Deals feature

A long anticipated feature allows users to book a jet with up to 50% discount! It is available for empty leg flights, which is very important to us and our sustainability program. At Mirai we aim to make business aviation eco-friendly: and offering “ghost” flights to the clients saves CO2 emissions while saving time and money for the customers. The empty leg flights are available for booking in the Mirai Flights app and on our landing page.

After interviewing Mirai Flights users, our UX team upgraded the highlights that demonstrate plane classes. That is another step towards uberisation which allows us to sell the class of the plane rather than a certain jet model.

  • Created a long-awaited loyalty program to reward those who help build a global Mirai community

On April 12th, we announced our newest loyalty program with three options that include a referral program for B2B partners, a welcome bonus for our new customers and a reward for our existing users, who refer us to their friends.

  • Integrated with Skylegs system

The integration gives us an opportunity to receive first-hand information from the operators.