Corporate Jet Investor 2022

Corporate Jet Investor 2022

On March 9th, our CEO and Founder Irakli Latinishvili together with CEO and Accountable Manager of Emperor Aviation Ltd Razvan Stefan attended the Corporate Jet Investor conference at the Landmark Hotel in London. 

CJI is one of the world’s largest business aviation platforms. Mirai Flights wants to thank CJI for this remarkable opportunity to attend and share our expertise, and to hear and learn from other great speakers!

This year, the platform brought together over 500 key industry leaders – from engineers to operators to charter brokers and many more – for two days of in-depth discussions and networking opportunities. The meeting’s agenda was focused on the “golden age” that the industry is currently experiencing. The delegates discussed both short- and long-term market trends, as well as the prospects for the sector’s sustainable future. 

Irakli was invited to speak at The New Aircraft Management Market session along with Norbert Ehrich (Jet Aviation), Chay White (Luxaviation Group), and Dustin Dryden (Volare Aviation) with Stephen Friedrich (Embraer) as the moderator. 

While participating in the panel, we were able to showcase our private jet booking service and share our view on the subject. We introduced many of the delegates to the Mirai Flights app and demonstrated our commitment to sustainability through one of our greatest features, using empty-leg planes as charter flights. That way, users have options when booking an individual business jet. And these options are transparent, accessible and sustainable.

Corporate Jet Investor London 2022

Below are Three Key Takeaways from the CJI:

  1. Deal with turbulence creatively

Today’s geopolitical turbulence is undeniably affecting many business aviation players. With many airspace bans and companies pausing contracts with Russia, what are the ways business can stay afloat? 

While it is hard to make any predictions, collaboration could help many businesses survive. Approaching the emerging problems creatively, like finding new routes for charter flights, is one way the industry can continue riding the momentum it caught after the pandemic. 

The turbulent times of crisis can also be the time of new opportunities.

  1. Sustainable solutions are a way forward

Sustainability is a complex subject, but what is plainly obvious is that every business player who wants to remain competitive advantage has to deliver eco-friendlier solutions. Be that carbon offsetting or financially supporting other green initiatives, business aviation operators have to contribute.

Our Mirai Flights app provides simple access to empty-leg flights. Why is this important? Empty-leg flights contribute to CO2 emissions with no purpose. By introducing this option to our customers, we make sustainable choices accessible and instant. This way, we put the otherwise empty flights to use! The revenue collected from this option can be further invested in other sustainable initiatives we plan to develop at Mirai Flights.

  1. Educating customers about sustainability

Another significant question raised by the panellists was “Who is responsible for educating customers about sustainability?” 

There are regulations at place that commit business aviation operators to developing ESG plans. But success of any business initiative greatly depends on the customers’ response. That’s why promoting sustainability from the top down is not enough; it should become a key differentiating factor in customer decision-making. Educating the general public about the subject is a must if we want to shift their focus! 

Such responsibility of making sure individuals are educated – like explaining the environmental benefits of booking an empty-leg flight as your charter flight option – rests not just with the operators but with regulators also. These initiatives should be celebrated at a greater scale so that small to medium businesses can remain enthusiastic about their ESG commitments. 

Looking Forward to the next CJI

Attending CJI left us thrilled about growing our network and introducing more delegates to Mirai Flights. We are excited about the next CJI 2023 and hope to see some of you there next year!