Why now is the best time to fly private?

Why now is the best time to fly private?

This summer is definitely a hot one, in more ways than one! It is the first post-pandemic holiday season in the UK. But the airlines and airports are in chaos because of the economic crises, higher ticket prices, airport staff shortages, and many delays and cancellations. And yet, nothing can stop people from travelling after spending two summers in a row under quarantine lockdown. With restrictions finally over, the Algarve coast, or a weekend trip to Croatia seem like a real luxury… but the luxury shouldn’t stop there.

At Mirai Flights, we are thrilled to see the return of the travel. Moreover, we see today’s travelling landscape (or shall we say, air-scape) as the best time to book a private jet charter!

Here are the top three reasons why now is the best time to fly private:

1. Reliable

While this is the best summer to check favourite destinations off your (COVID-inspired) bucket list, flight cancellations are leaving hundreds of passengers unable to make their trips. This story on BBC about 5,000 passengers left offboard is one amongst many this summer. When it comes to private charters, they are much more reliable. The stress-free experience of flying on private jets is a timely solution to avoid the chaos of British airports. It might be pricey, but you pay for both reliability and comfort. From booking a private jet through an app to flying - the whole process is smooth sailing.

2. Efficient

Often clients don’t even consider private jets as their transport of choice because the process of booking one seems too complicated and mysterious.

At Mirai Flights, we want to break the idea that flying private requires an assistant and an in-depth knowledge of business aviation. With the Mirai Flights app, it takes you less than 5 minutes to book the desired flight. The process is identical to Booking: you pick the date, pick the jet class, book it, and fly.

3. Fixed prices

Here, it’s important to note that not all companies offer fixed prices for charter flights. However, at Mirai Flights, we offer our clients transparent pricing with immediate payment. Our AI solution is designed to give you the end price to make your booking experience as simple as possible.

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