Mirai Flights service

Mirai Flights service

Mirai Flights is thrilled to announce that our premier private charter service is now available globally via a new app.

Mirai’s app is now available in 63 countries around the world, which means that customers can now book a private jet instantly and conveniently via their smartphones or tablets. This new level of freedom is an exciting expansion for Mirai Flights.

Our company is focused primarily on providing private jet rentals for customers in the United Kingdom, Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. The app currently has approximately 200 active users, so this new level of expansion will likely see a substantial increase in the app user base.

Mirai Flights cooperates with a total of eight private airline companies that are based in the Commonwealth of Independent States, Germany, Malta and Romania. In addition to the companies they already partner with, Mirai always strives to provide customers with more high-class options for private charter flights. To this end, Mirai consistently adds as many as five new airlines to their list of service partners every month.

Our service instantly connects clients to private jets with a host of simple, straightforward options. Customers can now simply pick the desired class of aircraft, price, expected number of passengers and desired level of comfort all with a few simple taps of the screen. They can then instantly make secure and convenient payments of up to €300,000.

Mirai Flights is Soaring Ever Higher Into a Bright Future

As a part of the expansion of the Mirai private jet booking app, users in the United Kingdom and Europe will now have even greater access to the services offered by Mirai. In addition, Mirai Flights will also be available to customers in Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. Customers who reside in the CIS will also have better access to Mirai’s charter flights.

Mirai means "future" in Japanese, and we embrace this wholeheartedly. We pride ourselves on being industry leaders, and we are constantly seeking out more and new ways to be the best at what we do.

Our app allows users from around the globe to book flights instantly on empty leg flights or individual business jets. Utilizing empty leg flights is an excellent way to reduce carbon emissions and create a more profitable round-trip for pilots. In today's fast-paced and competitive industry, every little bit helps.

The Mirai Flights model has always been to disrupt the business aviation sector with fresh, innovative solutions to the problems it faces. More than that, we strive to create solutions to problems our clients and partners may not have even realized they were experiencing.

We have created a last-mile model that provides an end-to-end travel experience unlike any other. Mirai Flights wants as many people as possible to be able to fly with the comfort, ease and flexibility that a private charter can provide.

We believe that private flights are the future of aviation, and the future looks wonderfully bright. Our app allows us to analyze personal preferences and cross-match those preferences with the available fleet of private aircraft from our long list of reputable airline partners. This is just one of the many ways that Mirai Flights is revolutionizing private business aviation.

The expansion we are so excited about aims to match supply and demand in an even better, more efficient way. Mirai is now able to give customers the option to book a private jet today straight from a smartphone or tablet, which means they no longer have to pause in their busy schedules to sit at a desktop computer or fuss with a smartphone web browser.

Mirai Looks Forward to the Future With Artificial Intelligence

In addition to engaging more partners and expanding our available fleet, we will also be developing a new artificial intelligence algorithm that will help us analyze private aviation demand data and price elasticity of flights. The algorithm will be able to constantly learn and refine itself so that it can offer the best price for customers who wish to book a private jet instantly.

This is yet another way that Mirai Flights is shaking up aviation. Most aspects of aviation technology are still rather antiquated, and this fragments the industry as a whole. It also provides a clunky, frustrating experience for customers. Our mission is to digitize the most important aspect of aviation in order to bring it up to speed with the current level of technology.

Our CEO, Irakli Litanishvili, estimates that the overall market for commercial flights on private and midsize aircraft is worth approximately $10 billion, but it requires innovative thinking and cutting-edge technology to access a meaningful portion of this market.

Mirai Flights aims to cover up to 4 percent of this market with the new app by providing 12,000 commercial flights per year from over 150 private jets in the UK and Europe by 2023.