Who & why flies private?

Who & why flies private?

For most people, the idea of a private jet booking is wishful thinking. Pre-pandemic, hardly anyone aside from the ultra-wealthy even considered private jet charters an option. Now, the industry has shifted. In the wake of COVID-19, private airline travel has become much more popular and Mirai Flights is here to offer you booking flights instantly.

Families, students, and "everyday" people are now looking more closely at the possibility of chartering private flights. Add this to the fact that more affordable options are available, and the private jet industry is becoming more accessible than ever.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: Why Private Jet Charters Are So Popular

In the not-so-distant past, private jet booking was generally limited to corporations and celebrities. Even now, most people still think of private flights as an unattainable luxury. But why are they so popular among the wealthy?

  1. Privacy

These flights offer anonymity and less hassle than a commercial airline. For celebrities, this privacy is worth any extra cost. It also allows them to fly to and from their destination out of the closest airports rather than the less-convenient commercial airports.

  1. Flexibility

Executives and celebrities alike prefer private flights because of how flexible they often are. Flight times are determined based on the passenger's schedule instead of the other way around.

  1. Comfort

Private flights allow passengers to travel more comfortably. Pets can often fly along, and there is plenty of space to work or sleep undisturbed. Most private flights allow passengers to request amenities like specific food, beverage and lounge preferences too.

  1. Success

Did you know that 98 percent of Fortune Magazine’s “World’s Most Admired Companies” use private jets? And not just for CEOs, either. More than 85 percent of private flights carry other members of the team, like engineers, middle management and technical staff. Companies that use private aviation are more successful, too. Research shows that companies that use private jet charters outperform the competition by 70 percent!

How Private Flight is Changing the Way We Travel

Commercial airlines took a big hit when the pandemic struck. While most are up and running again, the fact is that private charters stepped in to fill the void left by commercial planes. Now that so many more people have been exposed to the ease and comfort of private flights, most prefer this mode of travel for a number of reasons.

  1. Safety

On average, a commercial flight passenger will encounter at least 700 "touch points." On a private jet trip, this number is reduced to about 30. This limits the risk of being exposed not only to COVID-19 but any other germs as well. This is especially attractive for high-risk travelers.

In fact, brokers like Air Charter Service have seen a new client increase of 25 percent, specifically because of the safety and seclusion private flights offer. People are turning to private jet booking to reunite with family and loved ones because of the increased safety.

  1. Convenience

Anyone who has had to arrive hours early, sprint through an airport or deal with the hassle of checking luggage can appreciate just how convenient private flights are. Private jets do not have to fly into commercial airports, so they can get to thousands of locations. In addition, travelers don't have to worry about luggage limits or whether the plane will accommodate their pets.

International travelers also appreciate that customs and immigration checks can be done in advance, which further eliminates hassle and wait times. Also, if you book through Mirai flights you can book flights instantly which saves up a lot of your time.

  1. Value

Families are quickly realizing the value of private flights too. Large families with kids and pets are finding that private flights are a fantastic value for the ease they provide. Family members can split the bill, and in return, they get a flight where the children can roam, play and have space to amuse themselves. They can also pack more luggage and bring along family pets with no extra charges or fuss.

  1. Social Impact

The private jet industry has pledged to cut carbon emissions dramatically over the next few years, which makes this a more sustainable travel option. In addition, it’s common for private aviation companies to partner with first responders and humanitarian operations like the Corporate Angel Network to ferry emergency medical workers into disaster areas or assist cancer patients in receiving treatments.

Wondering Who Flies in a Private Jet? Here’s the Breakdown.

Most people imagine private jet passengers to be famous and fabulously wealthy. While this is definitely true for a small percentage of those who book charters, it’s not the whole story.

Business Professionals

It might be surprising to hear that roughly 70 percent of private jet passengers are actually just business professionals trying to get from one place to another as quickly and conveniently as possible. Since time is money for them, flying private often allows for the kind of flexibility that proves invaluable. It also lets them more easily work while they fly.

Old Money Families

Families that are used to the life of convenience that comes with wealth certainly don’t want to give that up for an uncomfortable commercial flight. It’s common for wealthy family groups to charter a private jet so that they can fly in comfort at their own convenience.

Celebrities and Politicians

Of course, this is the answer everyone expects to hear! It’s true that celebrities, politicians, professional athletes and other high-profile people often choose to charter private flights. Some of these individuals (like Angelina Jolie) even have their own pilot’s license! After all, if you’re used to privacy and luxury, why give that up for a commercial flight? Private jet charters are the perfect way for high-profile people to travel in relative anonymity.

Are Private Flights the New Norm?

As more and more people are finding out just how safe and convenient private flights are, it's no surprise to learn that the private jet industry is projected to grow as much as 10 percent in a post-pandemic world.

For some, the cost may still be prohibitive. However, with the steady industry growth and increasing popularity of private charters, price is no longer as big of a hurdle as it may have once been. This is especially true with the number of options available for chartered flights.

So now, next time you're wondering who is flying private, the answer might just be you. Book your flights instantly with Mirai Flights!