How Mirai Flights engage luxury’s most valuable consumer cohort

How Mirai Flights engage luxury’s most valuable consumer cohort

Generation Z delivers not only a new era of connectivity but an advancement in modern day businesses such as Mirai Flights, who target a global demographic of private jet flyers built by a Gen Z mindset of instant accessibility.

Born any time after the mid-90s and up to approximately 2010, these post-millennials are fast becoming the intrigue to global business and more specifically the aviation industry.

Mirai Flights have made some important distinctions to the industry and took its expertise from the flyers of the future, and its in-house development team, who encompass the Gen Z phenomenon.

While millennials represent the largest group of consumers and the Baby Boomers have the largest buying power, Gen Z's spending power is on the rise. To be more precise; a $143 Billion rise, in which equates to their total spending power, which is only predicted to grow. And by 2035, Gen Z will account for 40% of the global luxury goods market. 

The stats above share reason as to why it has never been more prevalent to understand your audience and for us at Mirai Flights it is about education and new adoption in the private aviation industry.

In building our brand, we have developed and aligned our ethos to assimilate modern day problem solving and deliver an on-demand experience. Essentially bringing a new lifeblood to aviation through the eyes of our Gen Z team. Mirai Flights combines data from the last 100 years of private aviation all into one app (get it in the App Store or Google Play), giving instant aircraft pricing and fliers direct access to the private jet marketplace.

We have removed the time-consuming, old-fashioned means of booking a jet via a broker and built an incredibly user-friendly interface that does millions of complicated calculations in 1.5 seconds.

With a new wave of Gen Z private jet fliers on the horizon, many businesses are striving to figure out how to market to this generation and without an app-based platform this could get increasingly more difficult, considering as their spending habits and platform choices differ drastically from the previous generations.

Loyalty and retention is notably the most favourable example of Gen Z marketing for us at Mirai Flights, we have deciphered that radical new technology can make them into brand enthusiasts and building long-term loyalty through partnership programmes, referral credits and multi-currency payment offerings serves as an effective offering.

To reach Gen Z, your marketing efforts need to be digital – but also have real-world impact (carbon neutral, using SAF and sharing stats of flying expenditure). The Mirai team’s in-house research shows over 80% of private jet flyers today are “digitally influenced” when shopping the market to find their chosen operator. So sharing examples of your personality, ethos and relevancy early on is the key to conversion.

Here are some top tips from the Mirai Flights Gen Z team on how to stand out in the private aviation industry.

Take charge of the digital ecosystem

You’re chartering private jets, ensure you are demystifying the process, it is not just for the rich and famous or endorsed celebrities! Share relatable content of your own experiences, not just stock photography.

It may sound mainstream; however, SEO is becoming increasingly more difficult and providing clear search engine optimisation is crucial to create a user experience (UX) that surprises and delights your visitors. 

Remember, Gen Z are at home with content creation and platform exploration, so the more your brand demonstrates your mastery of the digital sphere, the more they’ll see you as an authority on private jets as well as a trusted company to fly with.

Be video-first

The Gen Z video adoption is booming, ensure a video first campaign is part of your next marketing outlet and begin to roll this out across each and every one of your channels. Video allows an inside look into your brands world and is how you can create experiences, tell stories and communicate authenticity. To elevate your ‘behind the scene’ offering even further, consider livestream: it’s unrehearsed, so it demands authenticity. It’s new, and it’s exclusive.


Private aviation is a red-hot topic post pandemic and it is certainly worth considering its upsides in comparison to commercial flying. Consider Gaming and VR experiences – demonstrate flying simulators or exploring an FBO. Use your next outreach campaign to promote something other than charter: diversity and inclusion of pilots, gender equality in airline staff, sustainability or social responsibility. Over 72% of the Gen Z audience agreed that there buying habits would depend on whether a company contributes to social causes.

Check out our app in the App Store or Google Play today and stay tuned for further private jet charter content.