Cessna specializes in this type of aircraft, prioritizing function, performance and comfort over unnecessary complexity. In the case of the Citation Excel, the result is a plane that will take you to your destination efficiently and comfortably, without having to pay for an overwhelming sight.
The Citation Excel typically seats up to eight passengers with a comfortable and spacious seating configuration. The Citation Excel has as an attractive cabin, as well as plenty of storage space, ideal for those travelling with golf clubs or bulky luggage.
This aircraft is capable of flying non-stop from Paris to Mykonos, and can be rented to fly all over Europe.
Cessna Citation Excel
2 crew
3,260 km (maximum distance)
Up to 4 hours (maximum flight time)
2,27 m3 (luggage compartment)
Interior Cessna Citation Excel
Hot catering
7-8 seats
interior dimensions
height 1,72 m
width 1,71 m
length 4,88 m