The Airbus 330 is one of the world’s most successful widebody airliner. Until the appearance of the Boeing 777, the A330 was the largest twin-engine aircraft in the world.
Long-range aircraft Airbus 330-300 (A330-300) became the base model of the family of twin-engine long-range airliners of the A330 family.
When you select an Airbus 330 jet, you choose flying anywhere you desire non-stop, comfortably and surrounded by the features that complement everything you love to do.
New the A330-900neo is the receiver of the A330-300 and will be able to travel up to 12,130 km.
Airbus 330-300
2 crew
10,834 km (maximum distance)
Up to 12 hours (maximum flight time)
20 m3 (luggage compartment)
Interior Airbus 330-300
Hot catering
19-20 seats
interior dimensions
height 2,25 m
width 3,7 m
length 24 m