The Airbus A319 Corporate Jet (ACJ) is the VIP or business version of the Airbus A319 passenger aircraft.
The intended purpose of the aircraft is administrative missions and flights for heads of state or top managers of corporations.
In terms of luxury, an aircraft offers a similar level of comfort compared to a home, office or yacht. The cabin is usually divided into VIP rooms, complete with an office, a bathroom, a shower and a bed, a seating area, and an area for accompanying persons. The aircraft is equipped with a full-fledged kitchen, which makes it possible to prepare any hot and cold meals.
The standard layout of the aircraft provides 19 VIP seats.
The geography of the flight is any. Even when fully loaded, the plane can fly from New York to Tokyo or from Moscow to Rio de Janeiro.
Airbus ACJ319
2 crew
11,112 km (maximum distance)
Up to 13 hours (maximum flight time)
26,3 m3 (luggage compartment)
Interior Airbus ACJ319
Hot catering
19-50 seats
interior dimensions
height 2,25 m
width 3,7 m
length 24 m