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16 June
EBACE 2023: blue sky thinking

Following our yearly tradition we bring you our summary of the event.

6 April
We are pleased to announce that Mirai Flights is now a certified member of the European Business Aviation Association.

We are honored to be recognised by the most prominent business aviation association in Europe

7 March
Here’s what to expect when booking and flying with Mirai Flights

Mirai Flights is your go-to charter app for stress-free travel

28 February
Jet-Setting in Style: Explore the World's Best Destinations by Private Jet this Spring

Tips for Planning your perfect Spring getaway

9 February
Mirai’s Comprehensive Guide to Chartering a Private Jet: Tips and Best Practices

In this guide, we’ll give you an overview of the benefits of private jet chartering, the different classes of jets available, and tips for choosing the right charter company.

31 October
How automation in private aviation is primed for success

Advantages of implementing automated tools

11 October
Why Mirai are traversing the skies between the old and the new

Mirai’s top five flight solutions

23 September
Welcome to the world of Mirai Pay

Mirai’s ethos of digitisation not only applies to the lightning speed (1.5 second) display pricing options, but that of its revolutionary payment solutions.

15 September
The complete guide for first-time private jet charter

Flying private is all about comfort, convenience, and the best in-flight experience possible.

9 September
The Skies Less Travelled: Our top three hotspots to disconnect and contribute to social causes

Now that disconnecting from it all has become more essential than ever, the concept of taking a digital detox trip is on the rise.

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