Discover the World of Empty Legs with Mirai Flights

What are Empty Legs?

Empty leg flights are a cost-effective way to enjoy private jet travel, often at up to 75% off regular prices. This is made possible by utilising the ‘flight back’ to jets homebase, but at the cost of fixed date, route and often time of the flight. To make the most of them, travelers should subscribe to notification services, as availability is limited, and staying informed is essential. This allows travelers to seize the opportunity when empty leg flights align with their travel plans while adhering to regulatory constraints.

Enable push notifications in the App, never miss a flight opportunity:

  • Instant Alerts: the moment an Empty Leg flight becomes available, you will be the first to know. Perfect for spontaneous travel plans
  • Tailored to Your Preferences: based on your chosen destinations and origins, we make sure you only receive alerts that are relevant to you
  • Push notifications are powered by high-performance cloud infrastructure to deliver millisecond delivery speeds and scalability for peak demand

Integrate empty legs into your calendar, plan altitude at your pace:

  • Organized Wanderlust: by integrating empty legs into your calendar, you can seamlessly fit luxurious travel into your busy schedule
  • Reminder Features: never forget about an upcoming opportunity. With automatic calendar reminders, you’re always prepared for your next journey
  • Seamless two-way syncing imports empty legs into your calendar and keeps details updated every 15 minutes by default. But you can easily adjust the sync frequency to hourly, daily, or weekly based upon your needs

Integrate empty legs into your calendar


Be the part of the solution - Empty Legs are a lot more than just a “money saver” for you, they also help keep our planet green. Each time you opt for Empty Leg, you reduce carbon emission per person. Do not miss your chance to help the planet by subscribing to our notifications!