How automation in private aviation is primed for success

How automation in private aviation is primed for success

The desire to adopt new technologies is more prevalent in society than ever and has evolved in our everyday lives as a norm. Yet with some restrictions, and larger barriers to entry, the private aviation sector has not quiet caught up to continuous innovation and evolving technologies.

In comparison to our aviation counterpart, that showcase several companies who are developing fully autonomous aircraft, including Amazon and UPS, which are aiming to use them for deliveries. Boeing and Airbus who are designing self-flying air taxis, which would be used for flights of about 30 minutes and carry between two and four passengers, Uber and helicopter maker Bell and many other companies are also expressing interest in similar vehicles.

Automation is the utilization of different control systems and technologies that reduces the requirement of human interference. In the private aviation industry, the automation of various processes is increasing. However, at Mirai we have solved autonomy with an advanced resource that ensures privacy, safety and security with all processing documentation and payments in one smart application.

Automation is playing a key role in the aviation industry by controlling the flight management systems of the aircraft, but with Mirai we are controlling the pre-flight phase that is usually time intensive and documentation heavy.

The Mirai app is an incredibly specialized system that has the ability to automate booking, payment services, live pricing and technical resources for both the flight operator and client. While automation is proving to enhance the completion of a task, it also drastically affects the jobs of operators whose tasks gets shifted from being a performer to a checker.

Since the advent of this main global trend, the private aviation field has also welcomed automation such as the Mirai Flights application with open hands. It is important nowadays to utilise automation in private jet charter to perform highly complex and dynamic tasks with ease.

For example, Mirai offers smart notifications that are personalized to your in-app activity and an updated empty leg schedule every 15 minutes.

Advantages of implementing automated tools

There are lots of advantages and benefits of the Mirai Flights app. Some of the best benefits are as follows:

  1. Better Awareness of the situation

With the involvement of humans becoming less and automation taking over the private aviation industry, the chances of errors are also becoming significantly less.

This means that the systems can give better awareness of live flight accessibility, automated IT solutions that use destination and price preferences to examine available private jet’s empty legs in 30 seconds and share it with a customer immediately.

Firstly, this saves the technical resources of an aircraft. Secondly, it reduces the carbon footprint of the entire flight that would otherwise consume massive resources with no real benefit. The environmental impact is long-lasting.

  1. Less operating cost

Another benefit of the Mirai automation is the reduction in the operating cost. As most of the work is performed in the app, by harnessing complex IT solutions with low operational outlay.
With the application managing most of the technical services, starting from the instant pricing display and personalised app activity, the booking process becomes efficient and smooth for the passengers.

With the efficient performance of the flight booking, both operators and customers gain profit, time, and fluidity.

With automation may come uncertainty, and all the while onlookers believe the ‘auto-pilot’ facility is purely a failsafe, it is important to still incapsulate a human-touch. Hence why at Mirai, our fully automated aviation booking platform harnesses a real person at the click of our ‘personal manager chat’, so you can ask anything that may assist your flight requirement without getting an unrelated chat script in return.

While trying to encapsulate the model of a taxi service for private jet charter, the truth behind Mirai Flights is far more advanced. With the integration of human-in-the-loop automation, we also use the opportunities to interact and influence the direction at various points along the way and use automation to focus on tasks to add the most value while letting advanced technology do the rest.

For more details regarding private charter, simply download the Mirai App today in the App Store or Google Play and speak to our dedicated team to find out more about the automated service of Mirai Flights.