The complete guide for first-time private jet charter

The complete guide for first-time private jet charter

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling for business or pleasure; flying private is always a relaxing and luxurious experience. No dashing to the airport to catch your flight; no crowds and security lines; and – of course – excellent service is guaranteed from the moment you step into the aircraft until you reach your destination.

Though the idea of flying private is no longer as extraordinary as it once was, private jet travel is a novel experience for most people. And as exciting as it is to fly private, the experience can also be very intimidating – especially if you’re doing it for the first time.

Flying private is all about comfort, convenience, and the best in-flight experience possible.

If you have chosen to fly privately for the first time, one of the easiest and simplest ways to organize your flight on a private jet is by chartering. Mirai Flights simple and efficient app (get it on App Store or Google Play) gives you access to the most affordable and flexible aircrafts in the market for a one-way or return flight with instant pricing.

The next considerations are the number of passengers on your flight, the amount of luggage, your travel schedule, and any onboard amenities or facilities you need. Remember that the size of the jet also matters, depending on your destination – some airports will have restrictions on the size of aircraft that can land on their runway.


The optimum time to book a private jet flight is within 3-4 weeks of departure date. This is because private jet prices fluctuate due to these aircraft not working chartered routes. The earlier the booking, usually the better the price and availability! However, short notice flying (48h before departure) is usually achievable, so if you are looking to get to that business meeting across the globe on short-notice, private charter is certainly the way to go.


If you are flying by private jet, chances are you will be departing through an FBO – a Fixed Base Operator, which is the terminal or building specific to private aviation. Whether this is a separate terminal connected to a larger airport, or in a completely different building or location altogether, your personal flight manager will provide all the necessary documents on location and a map alongside your flight confirmation.

Once your charter is confirmed, you will receive an itinerary that will list the FBO your flight departs from. At the FBO, you will find all the luxurious amenities you desire, including lounges, meeting rooms and quiet workspaces, and a quick and professional security and baggage check area.

When flying private you can arrive at the FBO within a 30-minute window prior to departure, unlike traditional commercial channels up to 3 hours prior to departure.


If you have ever travelled with a commercial airline, you supposedly remember all of the luggage restrictions that you have to follow, (e.g. specific liquid amount, bottle and container size, zip bags, etc.). When flying private this does not apply!

Feel free to bring your favourite bottles of lotions, shampoos, and other skin/hair care products in all types of amounts. You can also have water bottles and other beverages that you like.

While you can bring almost anything aboard a private jet, the specific cabin size of the aircraft should be considered when packing since the amount of baggage storage in each aircraft varies widely. Your aviation advisor will provide all these detail in the run up to your flight, so rest assured you will have all the information you need.


There is no shortage of luxury when it comes to private jet amenities, think glamorous lounges, spongy slippers and Jo Malone hand cream! The amenities of a private jet will depend on the model of the aircraft and depending on how many passengers will be boarding the plane. Your destination is also another factor in which aircraft you can charter. Needless to say, whilst onboard we advise you to spoil yourself with the onboard luxuries, including lounge chairs, a full-sized bed and specialised catering to fulfil any dietary desire.

Understandably many passengers are still looking to conduct business whilst onboard, so if you require WiFi on your private jet charter then make sure when requesting your quote you mention this as a requirement. Charges for airplane WiFi and internet access vary between different aircraft and operators, Mirai will be happy to advise you of these charges beforehand.


Flying with pets on private jets is currently growing in popularity as it is one of the most secure, safe and quickest ways to take your furry family to any destination hassle-free. Nowadays, most private jet companies allow pets on board while ensuring that the required procedures are followed. The best part about flying private is that your pets are with you all the time. This prevents them from being stressed or locked up with the luggage, so if you want your pet to be comfortable, happy and safe, the best way to travel is by private jet.

Whether short or long haul, internal or an international flight, legal requirements still abide for pet travel. Preliminary pet health checks and relevant passport documentation is required. Mirai can provide you with a run-down of all the information you and your pet need before embarking on your next trip!


Similarly, to commercial aviation, legal documentation when flying private jet still applies. Your passport is still required if it is an international flight, however the processes is smoother and speedier! So enjoy the luxury of a car-to-cabin service.

Additional visa documentation is also necessary depending on the country, so simply ask you aviation advisor and they will organise all the information you need!

Empty legs

Last but not least, empty legs are flights with pre-defined departures and destinations. Perfect for short notice leisure trips, empty legs are often the most cost-effective way to fly private. Empty leg flights are often available with up to a 50 – 75% discount on the usual charter price. The exact price will depend on the route and the operator. Operators are often prepared to offer exceptionally low prices at the last minute, if they haven’t been able to sell the flight. So if you are prepared to be flexible, an empty leg flight can be a great way of accessing private jet travel for the first time.

Mirai have access to hundreds empty legs at any one time so please register in the app to be notified in any become available to your chosen destination.

For private charter advice or pricing at any time, simply download the Mirai App today in the App Store or Google Play and speak to our dedicated team to find out more about your first-time charter!