Welcome to the world of Mirai Pay

Welcome to the world of Mirai Pay

Mirai’s ethos of digitisation not only applies to the lightning speed (1.5 second) display pricing options, but that of its revolutionary payment solutions.

It is no surprise that crypto has made a dent in various industries around the world, its simple yet efficient payment offering allows transactions to friends, family or businesses to happen with convenience and safety.

The reason for its global popularity is the flexibility that crypto provides alongside its digital infrastructure and decentralized exchange. At Mirai, our user base have repeatedly shown preference over cryptocurrency payments, vs traditional channels such as credit card.

Mirai Pay is the modern way for cryptocurrency payments for private jet operators, brokers and other luxury assets with the ecosystem to transact.

Unlike many market competitors Mirai Pay offers a fast 1-day connection speed, ability for clients to place a deposit by converting a digital asset, high payment limits specially designed for the luxury industry and instant transaction confirmations regardless of banking hours.

What Are The Benefits of Using Cryptocurrencies When Chartering a Private Jet?

Access all hours

Wire transfers can be reliable, but you will often need to wait days before the transaction is complete. If a problem happens, no bank official will be available after their working hours. With crypto, you have none of these limitations. Need an emergency flight? Open your cryptocurrency account and direct a transaction through Mirai Pay at any hour of the day.


Cryptocurrency transactions don’t need to take days. After a short processing of the blockchain and the Mirai Pay processor we can review your crypto payment immediately. Securing a private jet charter using a credit or debit card used to be the most desirable way of payment, however with reduced fees, Mirai Pay offers no additional fees alongside the transaction, which in turn has appealed to a wider audience of flyers.

Who are the charterers transacting through Mirai Pay and how do they differ from typical clients?

Since its adoption, cryptocurrency services have rocketed and, in overview, Mirai Pay has seen a more international presence from the requests rather than domestically across Europe. Another differentiation between cryptocurrency charter guests and those paying in cash is age. Typically, a traditional charter client that's 45 to 60 is not the one approving the cryptocurrency payments. It is millennial clients who are new to the industry mostly adopting new ways of flying and exploring payments. Traditional High-Net-Worth-Individuals have generational wealth, and have experienced an expanse of luxury, but with cryptocurrency, it is about introducing chartering to a whole new generation.

Crypto forward

While it is hard to predict with any certainty just how much the use of cryptocurrencies will expand through the luxury marketplace, one thing is sure, cryptocurrencies’ digital nature, is naturally in-synch with the way Mirai Flights has digitized the private jet charter experience.

With Mirai’s vision of accelerating and executing a vision of digitizing across the entire private aviation industry, Mirai Pay further assists customers who want speed, reliability and value, which in today’s world is only possible with technology.

Cryptocurrency consumer behaviour

Passengers paying with cryptocurrency are seeking a new level of customization for their private travel experience, usually a high-volume transaction, therefore chartering with speed and security only adds value to the process. Private jet fliers who pay by cryptocurrency will continue separating from the trends in the industry, chartering different aircraft and going to diverse destinations. Early adoption mentality will continue to drive their unique agendas, with private aviation as the vehicle.

For private charter advice or payment support, simply download the Mirai App today in the App Store or Google Play and speak to our dedicated team to find out more about Mirai Pay for your next purchase.