Why Mirai are traversing the skies between the old and the new
Why Mirai are traversing the skies between the old and the new

In an age of fast changing trends, private aviation has started to keep an eye on a new consumer class that is rising nowadays and is going to become increasingly relevant in the future: the HENRYs (High-Earners-Not–Rich-Yet), a term coined by Deloitte in a report of luxury goods in 2019.

Since these ‘new’ tech savvy generations look for individualized, seamless brand relationships, it seems they are also becoming ever more receptive to emerging social media trends and positioning yourself where best fits their marketplace is a solution for success.

A huge re-examination has taken place over the past years in private aviation and has acquainted some of the most esteemed companies with a desire to turn their brand heritage into brand intelligence.

Consumer demand has become the core focus of our business, and post-pandemic the industry has seen a 40% increase in new flyers. Mirai Flights focuses solely on utilising digital technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data, which sets us apart from competitors, in redesigning our customer engagement techniques through data analytics to produce a tailored and advanced flight service.

With the emergence of new luxury segments, it is more crucial than ever for luxury brands to adopt flyers of the future’s consumption habits and initiate longstanding relationships. As wealthier older flyers are reducing their travel schedules it is critically important that brand loyalty, authenticity, relatability and sustainability commitments are visible to our aspirational demographic, alongside modern technology and educational social media content.

Here are Mirai’s top five flight solutions:

Digital convenience

The Mirai platform allows anyone to use the revolutionary mobile app or website anytime for free, to check our guaranteed pricing across a range of aircraft in European and some MENA region routes, including Dubai, Morocco, Egypt, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. With the ability to book flights instantly.

On hand assistance

Mirai’s personal manager assistants are available to tailor every trip to your individual preferences – arranging catering and ground transportation – to make every trip seamless and exceptional, 24 hours a day.

Hot deals

Instead of following a manual booking procedure that could take up to 6 hours, Mirai’s automated ‘hot deals’ IT solution uses destination and price preferences to examine available private jet’s empty-legs in 30 seconds and share it with you immediately. The empty leg availability has a very short life span, so these opportunities are often missed by the customers. The Mirai ‘hot deals’ subscription notifies you via the app as soon as an empty-leg appears to match your destination type and operator availability.

Mirai Pay

Mirai Pay is the modern way for cryptocurrency payments for private jet operators, brokers and other luxury assets with the ecosystem to transact. Mirai Pay offers a fast 1-day connection speed, and the ability to place a deposit by converting a digital asset, high payment limits specially designed for the luxury industry and instant transaction confirmations regardless of banking hours. Some of the Cryptocurrencies we accept are – BTC, ETH, USDT (ERC 20).

Beyond Mirai

Beyond the jet, Mirai has partnered with luxury chauffeur service Rolzo, to assist with global transportation pre and post flight, and are in conversations with a number of world-renowned lifestyle brands to offer further benefits, upgrades and exclusive offers. From life-changing experiences, to ticking off your bucket list and goal-oriented experiences that open up your world.

Whether your travel is tailored to business or leisure, Mirai’s goal is to broaden the travel journey, far above just getting you there in style.

For more details regarding private charter, simply download the Mirai App today in the App Store or Google Play and speak to our dedicated team to find out more about the revolutionary world of Mirai.