Embark on a lavish journey to Kununurra, where the rugged outback meets serene luxury. Start at the iconic Lake Argyle, Australia's second-largest freshwater reservoir, offering stunning sunset cruises and exclusive Kimberley diamond viewing. Venture into Mirima National Park, often called the mini Bungle Bungle, for a guided hiking experience amidst its striking natural formations. Luxury seekers must visit the El Questro Wilderness Park, covering a million acres with options for both rugged exploration and high-end stays. Here, indulge in a thermal spring bath at Zebedee Springs, secluded and surrounded by lush tropical palms. The culinary adventure in Kununurra includes dining under the stars with indigenous-inspired dishes that tantalize the palate. For a unique stay, the Kimberley Grande Resort offers sumptuous suites that reflect the landscape's beauty with first-class amenities.