St Moritz
Discover the opulent charm of St Moritz, a jewel nestled in the Swiss Alps. Start your adventure at the Badrutt's Palace Hotel, a symbol of ultimate luxury. Indulge in bespoke spa treatments and enjoy world-class dining with a view of Lake St. Moritz. Explore the Corviglia Ski Area, renowned for its pristine slopes and breathtaking vistas. Visit the Engadine Museum to delve into local culture, or stroll through the exclusive shops in the city center. Don't miss a magical ride on the Glacier Express, offering panoramic views of the icy landscapes. For a taste of local flavor, dine at Chesa Veglia, a historic restaurant known for its exquisite regional cuisine. Your trip to St Moritz, filled with these lavish encounters and serene landscapes, promises to be an unforgettable escape into luxury.