Caldas Novas
Discover the enchanting luxury of Caldas Novas, Brazil's premier hot spring destination. Begin your journey at Rio Quente Resorts, renowned for its naturally heated pools and first-class accommodations. Explore the lush gardens and experience the soothing thermal waters, a perfect escape for relaxation and rejuvenation. Venture to Lagoa Quente de Pirapitinga, featuring an expanse of open-air hot springs. Here, the water is inviting all year round, providing a serene and exclusive atmosphere. Don't miss the chance to visit Parque das Fontes at night, where the pools are beautifully illuminated, offering a magical and tranquil experience. For a touch of adventure, take a day trip to the nearby Serra de Caldas Novas State Park, a haven for nature lovers with its rich flora and scenic trails. Indulge in local cuisine at upscale restaurants within the resorts or explore the boutiques for unique artisanal products. Caldas Novas promises a luxurious retreat with its blend of natural beauty and upscale amenities.