Delve into the luxurious side of Braganca, a charming city nestled in northeast Portugal. Begin your upscale adventure at the magnificent Braganca Castle, an immaculate medieval fortress with stunning vistas. For a taste of the local culture, the Museu Ibérico da Máscara e do Traje offers an intriguing look at traditional masks and costumes. Don't miss a chance to stay at the posh Pousada de Braganca, where elegance meets history. Indulge in fine dining at Restaurante Geadas, where each dish is a masterpiece of local flavors. Wander through the serene Domus Municipalis, an architectural marvel, and absorb the tranquil atmosphere. Braganca also offers lush parks and nature reserves like Montesinho Natural Park, perfect for leisurely walks or active hiking. Wrap up your stay with a visit to the quaint riverside village of Gimonde, savoring authentic culinary delights and artisanal crafts.