Vitoria, the heart of the Basque Country, beckons luxury travelers with its exquisite blend of historical richness and modern sophistication. Start your journey at the Artium Museum, a haven for contemporary art lovers. Wander through the medieval streets of the Almendra, where the Santa María Cathedral awaits to mesmerize with its Gothic architecture. Pamper yourself at the deluxe Gran Hotel Lakua, known for its sumptuous accommodations. Indulge in Michelin-starred gastronomy at Restaurante El Portalón, housed in a 15th-century inn. Don't miss the lush greenery of the Florida Park, perfect for a leisurely afternoon. Finally, immerse in local traditions by attending the vibrant Fiestas de la Blanca, celebrating Vitorian culture with gusto. Vitoria is a luxurious gem that offers both serenity and cultural vibrancy to discerning travelers.