Discover the luxurious side of Lorient, located on France's scenic Brittany coast. Begin your journey at the Cité de la Voile Éric Tabarly, an interactive museum dedicated to sailing and oceanic adventures that captivates with its modern architecture and immersive exhibits. Delight in a private yacht tour leaving from the picturesque Keroman Submarine Base, now a prime berth for luxury yachts, absorbing the stunning Atlantic views. For a serene afternoon, stroll through the Jardin des Plantes, a beautifully manicured garden offering a tranquil escape with exotic plants and artistic landscapes. No visit to Lorient is complete without indulging in the local cuisine at Le Yachtman, where the freshest seafood pairs with exquisite wines, providing a gourmet experience alongside panoramic sea views. Each of these destinations promises an exclusive peek into the opulent lifestyle of Lorient, making your trip unforgettable.