Perito Moreno
Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Perito Moreno in luxury, one of Argentina's premier travel destinations. Begin your journey at the luxurious Xelena Hotel & Suites, offering breathtaking views of the glacier from every room. Make sure to book a private tour to navigate the winding walkways that allow you to witness Perito Moreno's grandeur up close. Don't miss the exclusive glacier trekking experience, where specialized guides lead you across the icy terrain. For an unforgettable dining experience, visit the La Tablita restaurant in Calafate, known for its exquisite Patagonian lamb. End your day with a sunset cruise on Lake Argentino, sipping fine Argentine wine as you soak in the stunning glacier vistas. This trip is a blend of adventure, comfort, and unforgettable sights, perfect for those looking to explore Perito Moreno without compromising on luxury.