Discover the exquisite beauty of Wajima, a gem on the Noto Peninsula in Japan. Begin your luxury journey with a visit to the Wajima Morning Market, where the vibrant culture and local cuisine come alive. Don't miss the Wajima Lacquerware Center, showcasing the unique, handcrafted lacquerware that this region is famed for. For a tranquil experience, stroll through the Shiroyone Senmaida, an area with stunning terraced rice fields, offering breathtaking views especially at sunset. Enjoy a relaxing stay at the luxurious Wajima Onsen Yashio, a hot spring hotel known for its excellent service and picturesque sea views. Conclude your visit with a trip to the Kiriko Lantern Museum, an atmospheric place detailing the region’s fascinating festival culture. Each location promises a captivating insight into the traditional and modern luxuries of Wajima.