The Legacy 600 is an excellent choice for travelers looking for a lot of space, comfort and performance in a mid to long distance travel ranges.
The standard layout of the cabin provides 10 individual armchairs and a 3-seater sofa. The entire space is divided into 2 parts -– the main area and the private room. Unlike the short and wide cabin of its main competitor, the Challenger 605, the Legacy 600's cabin, on the other hand, is longer and narrower.
The aircraft is equipped with a full kitchen with microwave, oven and sink. A spacious luggage compartment is 6 cubic meters – it can easily fit 13 large L-size suitcases and at least as many soft carry-on bags.
Legacy 600
2 crew
6,300 km (maximum distance)
Up to 6,5 hours (maximum flight time)
6,8 m3 (luggage compartment)
Interior Legacy 600
Hot catering
12-13 seats
interior dimensions
height 1,83 m
width 2,1 m
length 12,82 m