The purpose of the Falcon 7X is to fly over 8 hours and carry up to 14 people.
The plane is divided into 3 zones: a negotiation area, a dining area and a private office or bedroom. The standard layout includes 4 individual seats, a 4-seat clubhouse, and 2 sofas with 3 seats each, located at the rear of the aircraft. The plane's kitchen is equipped with an oven that allows you to cook food in flight.
The three-engine configuration reduces the duration of transoceanic flights, improves safety and allows non-stop travel between Moscow and Johannesburg, St. Petersburg and Singapore, Paris and Tokyo.
Falcon 7X
2 crew
11,020 km (maximum distance)
Up to 12,5 hours (maximum flight time)
4 m3 (luggage compartment)
Interior Falcon 7X
Hot catering
14 seats
interior dimensions
height 1,88 m
width 2,34 m
length 11,91 m