Challenger 300

The Challenger 300 aircraft was created by the Canadian company Bombardier Aerospace in 2003. Unlike other models, the Challenger 300 was built from scratch. The business jet has become known as the most maneuverable, roomy and reliable aircraft in business aviation. With its high ceiling (1.83 m) and flat floor, the Challenger 300 creates the feeling of a Heavy jet. A luggage compartment in the rear of the cabin is available during the flight. For the convenience of passengers, a full toilet with a sink, a large mirror and a small wardrobe is available. If you are flying to Nice or to the ski resorts of Switzerland, Austria or Italy with a lot of luggage and you would like something more than Midsize, then the Challenger 300 can be the perfect solution for you in terms of comfort and price.
8-9 seats
Cabin height 1.85m
Hot catering
Up to 9-12 suitcases