Agreement on the Storage of the Cardholder’s Credentials

  1. This Agreement on the Storage of the Cardholder’s Credentials (hereinafter – the “Agreement”) is entered into between Passenger (hereinafter also referred to as – the “Cardholder”) and Mirai Limited (hereinafter – “Merchant”).
  2. By ticking the relevant tick-box and/or clicking the “Pay” button, Passenger expresses full consent to this Agreement and authorizes Merchant and its payment processing service provider to store Passenger's name, surname, card expiry date and PAN number (hereinafter – the Credentials on File (COF)) and to initiate transactions on Passenger's behalf (hereinafter – Merchant-Initiated COF Transactions) and/or to process transactions initiated by Passenger (hereinafter – Cardholder-Initiated COF Transactions), both by using the Credentials of File, as indicated below.
  3. Disclosures of the Merchant:
    1. Passenger’s Credentials will be used for “Cardholder-Initiated COF Transactions“ and “Merchant -Initiated COF Transactions“.
    2. Description of services: private jets booking.
    3. Fixed date or interval of the Transaction: N/A
    4. Event that will prompt the Transaction: one-click payments or charge for additional services.
  4. The following details in relation to this Agreement shall be included in the transaction confirmation: card number, transaction amount, surcharges (if applicable), transaction currency, transaction date, authorisation code, Merchant’s location.
  5. Passenger will be notified of any changes to the present Agreement 7 (Seven) business days before such changes become effective in relation to scheduled (with fixed, regular intervals) Merchant-Initiated COF Transactions, and 2 (two) business days before such changes become effective in relation to Merchant-Initiated COF Transactions which are unscheduled or in relation to Cardholder- Initiated COF Transactions.
  6. The Agreement shall enter into force after successful authorisation (or account verification) by Passenger’s card issuer and receipt of Passenger's consent to this Agreement by the Merchant pursuant to Section 3.1.1 and 16.1 of the Charter Terms, and shall be valid until terminated by Passenger or by Merchant according to the Cancellation policy specified in the Charter Terms.
  7. In case of any inquiries related to this Agreement, please contact [email protected]
  8. This Agreement is made in the English and the Russian languages. In case of any discrepancy or disagreement concerning the contents hereof, the text in English shall prevail over the Russian version.