Mirai Flights Loyalty Program: Elevate Your Travel Experience

  1. Terms and conditions

    “Coupon” means the functionality of the Platform, enabling the User to receive a Discount on the Services in the amount and under the conditions specified herein as may be amended by Mirai Limited from time to time and communicated to the User on the Platform using such functionality. Coupons shall be provided in the manner and in cases as set forth herein.

    “Discount” means the discount granted to the User from the cost of the Services when the User (i) makes an order for the Services pursuant to the General Terms and Conditions published at the link https://mirai.flights/conditions (hereinafter — the “Order”) and (ii) redeems the Coupon. The type of the Discount, the amount and conditions of its provision shall be specified in the corresponding Coupon.

    “Loyalty Program”, “Program”, and/or “Rules” mean this loyalty program which is published at the link https://mirai.flights/loyalty_conditions., developed and implemented by Mirai Limited, aimed at increasing the User’s use of the Platform and purchase of Services by the User. The terms of the Program shall be set out herein.

    “Mirai Limited” is a company registered under the laws of the Republic of Malta, registration number C 100074 with its registered office at Avenue 77, Block E, Level 2, Commerce Street, Zone 3, Central Business District, Birkirkara, CBD 3010, Malta.

    “Platform” means the mobile application Mirai Limited (through the “Mirai Flights” trademark) and the website mirai.flights.

    “Services” has the meaning assigned to it in the General Terms and Conditions, published at the link https://mirai.flights/conditions.

    “Personal Account” means the User’s account created on the Platform.

  2. As part of the Program, the User may be provided with Coupons for the User’s use of the Platform and in the purchase of Services, such activity carried out by the User on the Platform or using the Platform. Mirai Limited unilaterally determines the grounds upon which to grant Coupons to Users, as well as the terms and conditions attaching to such Coupons. The validity period of a Coupon shall be determined by the terms issued with such Coupon.
  3. For the User to receive and redeem Coupons, authorization on the Platform is required under the account identifying the User.
  4. The Сoupon cannot be applied to special offers.
  5. If the Services are initially provided with a discount, a Coupon option shall not be available.
  6. Information on Coupons that can be redeemed by Users can be found on the Platform in the section called "Coupons”. When redeeming a Coupon, the User shall be granted a Discount in the amount and on the terms specified in the corresponding Coupon. The Coupon’s details may also be communicated by Mirai Limited to the User by other means (including but not limited to email and through other sections of the Platform, other Mirai Limited sites and/or its partners).
  7. In Mirai Limited’s sole discretion, the redemption of Coupons and Discounts may be (ii) limited and/or (ii) subjected to certain conditions. Such conditions may, in addition to those set out in the Rules, include without limitation:
    • a limited period for the redemption of the Coupon, on termination of which it is deemed to be invalid;
    • the maximum percentage on the price of the Services price for which the Discount can be granted;
    • category or type of Services for which the Coupon may be used;
    • categories or types of Services for which the Coupon may be used;
    • the possibility of redeeming the Coupon and receiving the Discount only on the first Order or a limited number of consecutive Orders placed by the User on the Platform;
    • other terms and conditions specified in the Coupon’s details.
  8. In order to receive the Discount, the User must redeem the Coupon when placing an Order through the Platform, in accordance with the terms of such Coupon.
  9. The redemption of the Coupon shall not constitute a payment for the cost of Services in full. The cost of the Services including the Discount may not be less than 10 EUR, regardless of the Discount amount specified in the Coupon.
  10. Not more than 1 (one) Coupon may be used in respect of one Order unless otherwise provided by a corresponding Coupon. Should the User have several Coupons that can be applied to the Services, the User shall select one Coupon to be used for the Order, if technically feasible. If it is not technically feasible to choose a Coupon from several available ones, the Coupon, which grants the right to receive the higher discount (by way of percentage), shall be applicable. The Discount on a Coupon may not amount to 100% of the cost of the Services.
  11. One Coupon may only be used by one User once unless otherwise specified in the Coupon. The Coupon may not be transferred by the User to third parties unless otherwise provided in any terms and conditions applicable within the Platform and/or in the Coupon. The User cannot transfer the Coupon to third parties unless otherwise provided by in any terms and conditions applicable within the Platform and/or in the Coupon.
  12. Coupons may not be used to receive Discounts for Other Services not included in Flight Services in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions published at the link https://mirai.flights/conditions.
  13. The Discount (both for redeemed and unredeemed Coupons) shall not be paid in cash and shall not be converted to the Account Balance as it is defined in the General Terms and Conditions published at the link https://mirai.flights/conditions. If the amount of the Discount is not used in full by means of a single Order, the difference shall not be refunded in cash and cannot be used by the User as a part of any new Orders and accordingly the remaining amount of the Discount shall expire upon completion of the Order. In case of full or partial cancellation for any reason whatsoever of the Order, to which the Coupon was applied by the User, as well as in case of a refund of the cost of the Services paid by the User, the redeemed Coupon shall not be restored or re-provided to the User, unless otherwise decided by Mirai Limited. In the event of cancellation of the Order for which the User was granted the Coupon for any reason whatsoever, as well as in case of a refund of the cost of the Services paid by the User, Mirai Limited shall be unilaterally entitled to cancel the Coupon granted when placing the Order (in such case the Coupon shall be deleted from the section «Coupons» in the Personal Account).
  14. Discounts are indicated inclusive of all applicable taxes.
  15. In order to counteract the unfair use of Coupons, Mirai Limited reserves the right to apply means of verifying the integrity of Coupons not specified in the Rules, as well as to refuse granting a Discount in case of detection of abuse and/or unfair use of Coupons.
  16. Redeeming the Coupon cannot be available for technical reasons, including without limitation, the User's failure to update the Platform to the latest available version, and/or for other reasons. In any case, if it is impossible to redeem the Coupon, the User shall contact the Mirai Limited support service.
  17. By redeeming the Coupon the User provides his full acknowledgement and consent to the Rules.
  18. When considering any applications and/or petitions concerning a redemption of a Coupon, Mirai Limited’s support service shall be entitled to request, and the User applying for the Coupon shall undertake to provide any evidence in respect of the receipt by the User of the Coupon including but not limited to a screenshot of the Coupon page on the Platform and/or other confirmation as may be determined by Mirai Limited’s support service. In the event of failure to provide such confirmation, Mirai Limited reserves the right to refuse the redemption of the Coupon for the purposes of taking advantage of the Discount, as well as the receipt of the Discount itself.
  19. The User accepts these Rules unconditionally and irrevocably at the time of registration of an account on the Platform by entering a one- time verification code and creating a personal account on the Mirai Limited database, or through the website mirai.flights.
  20. The Rules shall apply for the validity period of the General Terms and Conditions published at the link https://mirai.flights/conditions.
  21. Mirai Limited may at any time modify the terms and conditions hereof and participation in the Program. Information on such changes shall be posted at the following link: https://mirai.flights/loyalty_conditions, without separate notification of this to the User. The User undertakes to monitor amendments in the terms and conditions of participation in the Program by following the link: https://mirai.flights/loyalty_conditions.
  22. Mirai Limited reserves the right to terminate and/or change the terms and conditions of a Coupon. Information about early termination of and/or any changes to conditions of Coupons shall be communicated to the User in one of the following ways:
    • by specifying this on the Platform;
    • by notifying the User directly by e-mail, by means of sms/push- message, by phone call or by other means at the option of Mirai Limited.
  23. If Mirai Limited detects any violation by the User of the Rules, published at the link: https://mirai.flights/loyalty_conditions, and/or any unfair and/or improper use of Coupons, Mirai Limited reserves the right to refuse granting such Coupons and/or to cancel previously granted Coupons to the User.
  24. The Rules shall be construed under and be governed in all respects by the laws of Malta without reference to its principles and rules of conflict of laws. Any disputes arising out of or in connection herewith or the interpretation, breach or enforcement thereof shall be exclusively submitted to the courts in Malta.